Fresh Ideas Poster Contest

Audrey arisman Standard

Every year the AWWA holds the Fresh Ideas Poster Contest and Western Canada Section AWWA (WCS AWWA) participated for the first time in 2016.

This is a national contest that encourages students and young professionals to participate at AWWA conferences. Each AWWA section selects a winner at its own Fresh Ideas Poster Contest and then a national winner is determined at the AWWA Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE). The 2016 ACE overall winner was from the Atlantic Canada Section. Perhaps this year the winner will be from the Western Canada Section!

We received over 20 impressive submissions and 10 finalists presentied at the 2016 Western Canada Water Annual Conference in Calgary, Alberta.

A list of our presenters is below. Click here if you are interested in participating for 2017

Author Abstract Name
Chris Banmann Floating Treatment Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment in Alberta
Michael Grossi Development of an Online Monitoring System for Water-Based Pathogens in Drinking Water Systems
Yanxi Shao Ammonium rich digested sludge supernatant treatment using integrated fixed-film activated sludge sequencing batch reactors (IFAS-SBR) over nitrtitation/denitritation pathways
Purnima Somathilake Approaches for Modifications in Existing Tertiary Treatment Units to Eliminate Carbamazepine in Wastewater Effluents
Dhiraj Shrestha Impacts of land use on storm water runoff quality in the City of Calgary, Alberta
Zhiya Sheng Stability of the microbial community in a full-scale wastewater treatment plant under fluctuations in operational conditions
Analisa Lazaro-Côté The effect of municipal wastewater effluent on the stress response of fish in the Bow River, Calgary, Alberta
David Shoults Total staphylococci as a potential pathogen surrogate for greywater treatment performance testing and risk management
Jarvis Singer The Influence of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Dissolved Oxygen in the Bow River
Amjad El-Qanni In-House Prepared Silica-Based Nanosorbcats for Recovering Organic Pollutants from Wastewater and Turning Them into Fuel